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developments in the case of a 13-year-old killed in fairfield. here what police are now saying about a suspect. >>> a blizzard back east is causing travel headaches here. >>> new details on the search for a suspected cop killer at noon. >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> fairfield police make an arrest in the killing of a 13- year-old girl found strangled one week ago today. >>> good afternoon, i am tori campbell. >>> fairfield police have announced an arrest no the killing of a 13-year-old girl, john elogy conway alespecially found strangled in a park last friday. noel walker joins us live from fairfield where police just held a press conference. noel. >> reporter: tory coming to you live from the chambers where they just ap wrapped up. this is the photo of the suspect, his name is anthony lamar jones, 32 years old from fairfield, he was arrested for that. she was found a week ago today, her naked body found in a park by a passerby. today they released scant details still keeping things close to the vest but here is what they had
. and found dead in fairfield this morning. a passerby discovered the girl's naked body in allan witt park at about 6-45 this morning. right now. her death is being investigated as a homicide. kron-4's charles clifford has been in fairfield all day. he joins us live tonight with the very latest. the girl, who's described as a teenager, was reported missing by a guardian thursday afternoon when she didn't come home from school. the suisun city police department spent thursday eveing and friday morning searching for her. around 6:45 friday morning, an officer with the fairfield police department discovered her body lying naked in a parking lot here at allan witt park. fairfield police blocked off a large section of the park and spent most of the day searching the area. they also contacted suisun city police who were able to identify girl as their as of friday evening the girls name and exact age had not been released, pending notification of next of kin. the fairfield police department is now leading are treating this as homicide case. kicked team coverage continues now with kron-4's alecia
a 13-year-old girl found murdered in a fairfield park. tonight her family tells joe vazquez that the young teen had a very tough life. >> she had a family, people that loved her. she was loved. we loved her. >> reporter: they asked us not to show her faces on tv because they're afraid of a killer still on the loose. they are family members of a murdered 13-year-old girl who also say that fairfield police asked them not to give out too much information. >> we had a dance contest. there were 20 people. she won hands down. and she had a lot of spirit. >> reporter: the victim's name is listed right here, but she assumed her mother's last name. saying she's been a foster child much of her life, most recently living in vallejo before that. she has endured struggles related to the natural mother, but they didn't want to elaborate. >> she always had a smile on her face and had to keep it real. >> reporter: friends and classmates are heartbroken by the way her life ended. she was last seen getting off the bus stop after school on thursday. her naked body was found dumped in the park
fairfield... take vo ....realizo una rueda de prensa para anunciar al publico, sobre un importante paso en las investigacione s para resolver la muerte de "genelle conway-allen" de 13 aÑos de edad. stop open roll open take 2 box ---jaime peluffo, en vivo desde fairfield, nos tiene la mas reciente informacion... jaime. cu - peluffo intro una semana despues de este brutal asesinato, la policia anuncio que arresto al sujeto presuntamente responsable. ;01 ; ; ; ; cleo mayoral - policia de fairfield guadalupe lopez - residente de fairfield noemi lua - madre de familia veronica urena- madre de familia cu - peluffo outro tag los padres de crianza de genelle allen a traves de un comunicado, agradecieron a la comunidad y a la policia por el apoyo durante este dificil momento. cesar ---tambien en fairfield... dos hombres ingresaron a la escuela "sem yeto" ataron a un empleado de servicio y se robaron 40 tabletas "i-pads"... take vo ---el atraco ocurrio el miercoles por la noche en la escuela ubicada en el 301 de la avenida alaska este... ---los ladrones obligaron al empleado a tirarse al suelo y lo
for super bowl xlvii. >> and new information about a missing teenager, found dead in a fairfield park. what we've learned from police, neighbors, and witnesses. >>> i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken private. we begin tonight with the super bowl bound san francisco 49ers with. one day until the big game, the team appears as ready as ever. players today were surrounded by family and friends as they took to the field in new orleans for one final walk through before kickoff against the baltimore ravens. players are not the only ones getting ready for game day. from the bay area, to new orleans. football fans spent the day finalizing their super bowl plans. we have live team coverage, ktvu alley rasmus tells us how fans in the bay area are preparing but we begin with ken wayne live in the big easy with the last-minute rush to see the big game in person. >> reporter: you can see the giant roman numerals set up here that people can stop by and take pictures of. a lot of people are out here having a good time and enjoying live music going on. not all of these people are going to be able to go to the a
a mouse, forget about heading to your mailbox on saturday. drops saturday delivery. >> fairfield police plan to tell us more today about the teenage girl was found dead last weekend apart. if this morning we have a full of her taking " a just before " she was last seen. >> three men and one home all found dead in the north bay. the latest on this investigation coming up. >> we have mid to upper 50s as we head into the afternoon. there is plenty of sunshine that is expected. we do have some rain coming. >> here's a quick commute check for your ride through the east bay. we are slowing on interstate 580. your ride to the south bay freeway looks great. there is still no problems for the peninsula or the north bay ride. >> new this morning, the u.s. postal service says that they plan to stop delivering mail on saturdays. the announcement will be made it less than an hour. to get you more news faster we will go to our reporter jacki sizzle who joins us live from downtown berkeley's post office. >> apparently they will not be delivering mail on saturday. we are expected to hear from the postm
could possibly even be in mexico. >> pam: the troubled history of the fairfield barber accused of murdering a 13 year old girl. genelle conway-allen's naked body was found in this park ten days ago. new tonight. we show you the restraining order filed by the estranged wife of anthony lamar jones. and why she said she feared for her life. new tonight at 8. kron four's terisa estacio obtained copies of that restraining order. which was filed just days before genelle conway- allen went missing. >> reporter: in these court documents. jones's estranged wife details several violent episodes - one took place here at the couple's fairfield home. she writes how the two were in the bedroom and quote. he threatened to burn my house down and ruin my credit. he pushed me more than once and he dragged me from the bed by my foot onto the floor. she goes on to say that "he threw an object at me and it missed and broke the bedroom window. she adds that jones' mother was in the house at the time and tried to stop her son during his rage. but was not successful. jones estranged wife says she got
found dead in fairfield. and the kidnap survivor stepping >>> fairfield police have 15 detectives and three sergeants investigating the murder of a 13-year-old girl. her naked body was found in a park early friday morning. a growing memorial of flowers and mementos marks the spot in fairfield's allen witt park where her body was discovered. we have the latest. >> we will try to get back to lisa's story in a moment. but new this morning, texas authorities are confirming murder charges are pending against a 25-year-old man in the shooting deaths of a former navy seal and author chris kyle and another man. both men were found shot to death at a texas gun range outside of dallas last night. suspect was arrested at his home about three hours later. kyle was known as america's deadliest sniper after four tours of duty, including the iraq war. he also wrote the best selling book northwestern sniper and hosted a reality tv show. >>> the white house has released a photo of president obama skeet shooting. the image puts to rest skeptics questions about whether the president has ever even fi
announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.a chilling find in a fairfield park. a teenage girl found naked and dead. police investigating the case combed the scene today right now. her death is being investigated as a homicide. the girl, whose identity has not been released, went missing yesterday. kron 4's alecia reid has the latest details. only on kron 4. new details about the suspect in the 1984 san francisco kidnapping of kevin collins. >> this is scary, we are terrified. >> the girl was last seen going to school. she was on school and when she did to get home when she did not home >> we take numerous leads. it brings the realism back. >> we want to make sure that we do with thorough job >> they are trying to place to gather how this happened. in fairfield, kron 4 news. >> east of interstate-80. this is just across the street from the elementary school. just how close. this is off of highway 12. >> only on kron 4. this is the kidnapping of kevin collons..this is a photograph of dan therrian. who went by the name of "kelly." this is his california drivers li
was found here. nobody would feel safe if it happened in their town or city. >> reporter: fairfield police are canvassing the streets looking for answers in the death of a 13-year-old girl. i am torii campbell, the city of fairfield is mourning the death of a 13-year-old girl killed three days ago and they went to the school where she was a student. it must be a tough day there. >> reporter: it is a tough day here and as you can see this is the growing memorial of flowers and teddy bears and candles for this 13-year-old girl and it has shaken the community no question. they are pretty silent in terms of any information on this death being released but the latest is coming up and fairfield police will layout any possible leads in this case. the 13-year-old student lived with her foster parents a few miles away. investigators were on hand acting as a liaison looking for any further information. >> we are confident what happened had nothing to do with the school or any school related activities. parents have to know where their kids are at all times and hold their kids close and make sure the
for the first time after learning that a classmate was found dead in a popular park. we are live in fairfield with the latest on the investigation tonight. jody? >> fairfield police are not releasing much about the investigation. they have not released the girls' identity. but many know who she is. folks have been stopping by to drop off flowers and balloons, for those who knew the girl, her school mates and friends they are especially devastated. >> for me to experience these feelings at this age, it's just terrible. and like i should not be feeling this way. >> 12-year-old alyssa watkins said she is heart broken and scared. one of her closest friends, was found dead early friday morning at fairfield's allen wi the tt park. >> she was the sweetest girl ever, she'd just make everyone's day. she'd always be smiling no matter what she had going on in her life, she always just put on a smile and then make everyone smile too. >> police spent the day at the school interviews everyone who saw the teenager. >> there's nothing worse than homicide, there's nothing worse than the death of a young girl
] in fairfield where investigators are getting help from the department of justice to follow this case. >> reporter: today please let released limited information but they did read a letter for the 13 -year-old girl whose body was found in this part. >> reporter: police announced 13 -year-old janel, allen's death as a homicide of their working with the fbi and the department of justice. >> we went to catch the people responsible. >> reporter: she was reported missing last thursday less than 24 hours later her naked body was found in the spark in fairfield police will take how she died. today we went to the area where investigators say she was last seen. there are several surveillance cameras in that area that one capture this picture of her reign wearing the speak backpack. >> i saw those pictures and another little girl. >> i am the parent of a daughter and this is the worst nightmare that that family is living through and my condolences go out to them. >> reporter: today fairfield please read a statement from her family that will save it is from her biological her foster family sh
at 10,000 ft.. will talk at the thunderstorms coming up. >>pam: fairfield police working on a possible link between the murder of a teenage girl. which is similar to case that happened nearly a year ago. we're getting a look at a suspect who makes a brazen escape from san jose police and the north - east bracing for a blizzard expected to slam the area. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. san jose police have released this photograph of 32-year-old anthony sanchez. as they continue their search for him. he was in custody yesterday but managed to escape while handcuffed. he was arrested for a parole violation, but when left unattended, sanchez jumped into the drivers seat of a van. and took of
from fairfield. police confirm they have made an arrest in the murder of the 13-year-old genelle conway allen. she disappeared a week ago and her body was found the next day at a park a few miles away. eric? >> in the past few minutes we learned of the breaking news. an arrest in the murder of the girl. fairfield police are holding a news conference in the hour and abc7 reporter is on the way. the nude body the 13-year-old was found by a passerby a week ago after she was reported missing from her foster home. there was surveillance video released by police showing the last time she was seen near railroad avenue in suisun city that afternoon. she was found at alan witt park where a vigil is being held. fairfield police announceed an arrest hours before the vigil held for her and they are relegislation the details in a news conference in the hour. our reporter is on the way with the latest for you on and on abc7 later today at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. >> thank you. san bernardino county sheriff deputies are expanding the search for a former lapd accused of murdering three people
-year sentence. that is coming up. >> we will see you then. big developments today in fairfield, police say they caught the killer on of a 13-year-old girl that was found dead in a local fairfield park. >> officers arrested this man this morning. he now faces murder charges in the death genelle conway allen. we are at the das office with new details. >> good evening, we just learned the suspect in the case, anthony jones is scheduled to be arraigned next wednesday. but the question is what is the if any between the suspect and the victim? fairfield police refused to answer any questions at a news conference earlier today. >> we have evidence linking jones to this homicide. and we believe at this time he act alone and there were no other suspects named in this case. >> now, officers took 32-year-old jones as he was walking along the 1100 block of east tabor at about 7:00 this morning. jones will be arraigned next wednesday, but they will not say what charges he will face. despite the lack of information from officials here, news of an arrest comes as a huge relief to both the family and frie
-year-old girl in fairfield. we have been tracking two crime scenes all afternoon as investigators gather evidence. the very latest on both of these developing stories. >>> good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the justice department kept it quiet for months. last night agents captured a man planning a bombing in a culvert investigation. >> reporter: it's likely that everyone who goes to that bank and the other businesses in that building are shocked. the man tried to destroy that building this morning but failed. the bank of america building on hagenberger in oakland seemed quiet today. >> i know this bank is not as crowded. >> reporter: but the peace gave way to shock. >> yeah, it's pretty crazy. man, wow. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney's office released this criminal complaint that describes how the man named matthew aaron llaneza tried to blow up the building. he built the ban who he thought was connected with the taliban but was actually an fbi agent and it wasn't a real bomb. llaneza specified a spot next to the support column to bring down the
mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. tonight, the fairfield community is gathering to remember a 13-year-old foster chill as the authorities announce they have her suspected killer in custody. they have been watching 32-year- old anthony lamar jones. he was arrested at 7:00 this morning in fairfield. >> we have evidence linking jones to this homicide. we believe, at this time, he acted alone and there are no other suspects named in this case. >> the body was found in a fairfield park one week ago. >>> happening now, a vigil in her honor. we are live in fairfield with what has been learned about the investigation and the man now in custody. >> reporter: this vigil started 30 minutes ago. if we show you the crowd out here you can see several hundred people have gathered at this park. some are carrying signs and balloons and many holding candles. the friends and the family of the foster child, the victim of this murder, organized this vigil earlier in the week but news of the arrest made the event more somber. >> reporter: crime scene tape roped off all entrances to the barbershop. a
was found friday morning in a park in fairfield. neighbors say wonderful things about janel. just the same. she was as tall as some of them. she's a great, sporty girl. she loved everything. she used to sit on the big rock and do things. >> at the intersection of east table and grundin circle. they hope this photo will jog someone's memory. you will only see the cell phone video here. "today in the bay's" christine smith has this coming up in the next hour. >> three men are dead and a killer on the loose after a triple homicide in s is onoma county. the bodies of the men were found inside a cabin located on ross station road near iron host vineyards in the town of forestville. police say all three men were shot to death in a back bedroom of the home. officers haven't released the men's identities or how they may be related. they say this doesn't appear to be a murder-suicide. >> new this morning the pittsburgh man prosecutors believe gunned down an activist is out of jail this morning. a judge released gregory elan on tuesday on the condition he will appear at future court date. he was fac
details tonight about the fairfield man arrested for the murder of a 13- year-old girl. 32-year-old anthony lamar jones was taken into custody this morning. he is accused of killing genelle conway allen and dumping her naked body in a fairfield park. we have team coverage tonight. joe vazquez is at allan witt park where a vigil is about to start but we begin with da lin outside the suspect's home. da. >> reporter: fbi agents and police officers spent about 10 hours today searching and collecting evidence from his house which is directly behind me. a gray house. they cleared the scene about 40 minutes ago. anthony lamar jones lives here with his wife and teenaged son. fairfield police shut down clipper lane so fbi agents could search for evidence in anthony lamar jones' house. they wouldn't tell us what they were looking for inside. but outside fbi agents interviewed neighbors like manuel garcia to find out what they know about the man suspected of killing 13-year- old genelle conway allen. >> strange and quiet. he didn't say much. >> reporte
is in custody after the killing of the 13-year-old girl. 32-year-old anthony lamar jones of fairfield is facing charges of kidnapping, rape, and murder. meanwhile hundreds of mourners held a vigil for the victim. we've got more from the grieving community. >> reporter: they came from all over northern california. fairfield where the 13-year-old was murdered. the same city she lived with her foster family and where she used to live with her natural mom was in vallejo. josh allen is her birth father. >> what do you want to say to this guy that did that? >> you know, he is going to get what he deserves. >> reporter: 500 people lit candles where her naked body was discovered just one week ago. just a few hours after cops announced an arrest. >> no answer. the big question why. why didn't you leave her alone. and i hope you get what is coming to you. >> jones was identified early on as a suspect in this case. since that time he's been under 24 hour surveillance. no danger to the public. >> reporter: the suspected murderer is a barber by trade. these ph
to fairfield, it's 47. ten-degree swing in temperatures due to the fact if you've got the wind around mixing in warmer air from higher elevations closer to ground level, that's one of the reasons we're seeing the temperatures in the upper 40s in fairfield. where the winds are light, you've got 30s this morning around concord. some of the weather headlines, it is locally gusty. higher hill tops gusts to 35 miles per hour. they'll back off towards the evening tonight. slightly warmer temperatures around the bay area today. 60s in the forecast. second half of the week 60s, likely low 70s by the time we head towards thursday and friday. clearing off to the west. high pressure acting like a wall. at least when it comes to northern california in the bay area. storm track is cranking up. but look where it's headed, back up to the pacific northwest. this pattern not breaking down much. it will weaken slightly tomorrow, allowing more clouds to spill on in. this high is actually going to build back over northern california by the end of the week. that's going to lead to our temperatures climbing on up
morning. reporting live, alan wangabc7 news. fairfield fairfieldue in the teenager. police released a surveillance photo minutes before she was last seen. and she has now been identified as 13-year-old janelle conway alan. her body was found at a fairfield park. that's where john olson is live with this new information. john? >> reporter: dan, the shrine behind me has been growing all day and night. a short time ago police said they had not made any arrests, but they would not say whether they were questioning any suspects. they released a chilling piece of evidence. this was the photo taken conway alan iser. crossing the street wearing a gray sweater and blue jean leggings while carrying a pink backpack. the image was captured by this surveillance camera near grande circle. it is a few miles from her home in sasoon city and four miles from the alan wit park where her naked body was discovered around sunrise o mor. friday morning. her cousin has been here every day since making sure the candles stay lit while planning for a vigil on friday. >> it is an open community thing. we would
for answers in the murder of a teenager. whose body was found in a fairfield park. why the boy scouts of decision on whether to lift its ban on gay members. but first, the new push from san francisco mayor ed lee. to get thousands of property owners to retrofit "soft- story" buidings. ahead of a major earthquake. >> pam: earlier today. investigators in fairfield updated the public on the investigation into the death of a teen girl from suisun city. she fairfield park. kron 4's charles clifford >> reporter: speaking to the press thursday afternoon, the fairfield police department declined to say whether or not they had identified a suspect in genelle conway-allen's murder. police chief walter tibbet said that they wanted to be very carefull about what information was released publicly while police didn't release any signifigant new details about this week old case they did say they were analyzing surviellance video from the area near where genelle was last seen. they believe this picture taken last thurday afternoon is the last known image of the girl. here body was found the following
in fairfield this morning. her body was discovered at allan witt park. she was last seen in nearby suisun city. joe vazquez has the latest. >> reporter: ken, the news just sinking in. there's a great deal of pain already in this community, as you can see this make shift memorial. this young girl was a foster child. they're still trying to get ahold of her natural mother. as such, they do not want to make her name public. but a police source has confirmed her identity with cbs. >> when i go to class, i see her and i gave her a hug every day. >> reporter: she was only 13 years old, a student at green valley middle school in fairfield. authorities have not yet released her name, but some of her classmates know. >> it's hard, because i don't know why they would do this to a nice person. >> reporter: a man on a sunrise walk through allan witt park discovered the girl's body and flagged down a cop. >> she was last seen in the morning and hadn't returned after school. >> reporter: turns out, police in nearby suisun city had been working a case of a miss
of a fairfield teenager. police released a surveillance photo minutes before she was last seen. and she has now been identified as 13-year-old janelle conway alan. her body was found at a fairfield park. that's where john olson is live with this new information. john? >> reporter: dan, the shrine behind me has been growing all day and night. a short time ago police said they had not made any arrests, but they would not say whether they were questioning any suspects. they released a chilling piece of evidence. this was the photo taken before her murder. janelle renee conway alan is crossing the street wearing a gray sweater and blue jean leggings while carrying a pink backpack. the image was captured by this surveillance camera near grande circle. it is a few miles from her home in sasoon city and four miles from the alan wit park where her naked body was discovered around sunrise on friday morning. her cousin has been here every day since making sure the candles stay lit while planning for a vigil on friday. >> it is an open community thing. we would like people to come and show support and wou
across the bay bridge is easier for drivers heading south on 101. >> a live look at fairfield. we're waiting for the district attorney to give us an update on arrests made in the murder of a >>> developing news in fairfield now. the district attorney is giving us an update in the arrest in the murder of a 13-year-old girl. >> deputy district attorney assigned this homicide and investigator aaron dylan. will make no further comment until arraignment on this casetí this coming wednesday. thank you. >> when is the arraignment? >> wednesday. >> trying to turn that around for you just as soon as possible. police do say the man in custody is someone who they had under surveillance up until his arrest today. his name is anthony lamar jones a 32-year-old baurer from from fairfield. >> all that happened there was about a minute long statement. and the prosecutor introduced those involved in the case and apologized to victim families so. a lot of details are still forth coming. we'll keep you postedthon. >> you might remember the young woman who fuse used profanity then flipped off a judge
of fairfield local barbe barber. police booked him for the murder kidnap rape of 13-year-old girl named janell conway allen of suisun city. it was one week ago that she was found murdered in a park. vick lee explains what he has learned since the arrest was announced. >> go to bed at nature and wake up in the morning first think we think about is that little girl and i'm grateful that they found this person. >> sense of relief from people we spoke with here in fairfiel fairfield. relief that police now have the murder suspect. >> anthony la mar jones 32 years old. he was arrested early this morning at his mother's apartment in this residential complex near the 1100 block of east taiber avenue. neighbor told us an officer knocked on the door at around 6:30. >> asked me question. show me pictures of a man that they thought was the perpetrator and showed me pictures of the girl. asked if i of have ever been to crown barber. >> that turned out to be amen hair style shop that jones reportedly started here at the shopping maul last year with several other associates. places appeared here early t
and fairfield. and as we take a look at those numbers for the afternoon plenty of low 50s. milpitas, fremont, cupertino. turning our attention to the east bay, concord walnut creek and 56 and union city. downtown san francisco will also see 50s. your kron 4 7 day around the bay sunshine and the clear skies. for the middle of next week the mid '60s. warmer weather is on the way. still, wet outside at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. there are a couple of c h p cars indicating that there is all for metro construction. at the san mateo bridge, the san mateo on the camera lens be aware and as we take a look the golden gate bridge is also wet. drive with extra caution. >> california authorities are searching for one of their own after they suspect he shot and killed three people in a vendetta against the l-a-p-d. ed payne has the story. >> they believe that there are specific 5 ties >> his specific target is the lot enforcement of los angeles. >> he complains about mistreatment of of the loss angeles police department officers in this letter he said that he will bring unconventional and
developments and back to you. >> fairfield policefairfield police are releasing new images of the 13 year old girl found murdered in alan witt park last friday. this is a recent photograph of genelle conway- allen released by police. they say, this image in particular, was snapped minutes before she was reported missing. kron 4's reggie kumar shows us the intersection where that picture was taken. >> reporter: this picture was most likely taken here at this intersection. in fairfield. police have cameras near this location and they are clearly labeled with the word police. they will not say which camera snapped this picture. major market liquor also has surveillance cameras in including this one in the back. but the managers sign that this is not capable of taking a clear picture of someone in a crosswalk. the investigators did it take a picture of this girl before she came into the store. >> she came into the corner. and she said that she was waiting for a ride. the fairfield police say the issue was last seen wearing a sweater, with blue jeans and a pain to backpack. awardees are expected t
. >> reporter: good morning to you. fairfield police and sasoon police plan to release new details. i just got off the phone with fairfield police. they tell me they're having an internal meeting at noon today and they hope to come up with something later this afternoon to release to the public. this is where the body of genelle conway-allen was found. friends say she was very friendly, loved to talk. but there are questions about how she ended up here about five miles from where she was last seen on tape. >> it's just sad. you know what i mean? because you think about your kids. >> reporter: katie hernandez joined a line of distraught fairfield friends who came to pay their respects to genelle conway-allen. her body found in alan witt park friday. >> having all girls, it's scary. we see kids walk through this park all the time. now just something to watch for, when you see kids walking by themselves, pull up and let them know that they need to walk in a pack. >> reporter: fairfield police have released this surveillance photo of the teen by the intersection of east tabor and grant circle. he
for a vigil in fairfield in honor of genellle conway allen. anthony jones is the man who killed her, prosecutors say. they arrested him this morning. jean elle is live in fairfield with more on the arrest. jean, there was a great outpouring of emotion tonight. >> reporter: jessica, hundreds of people from all over the bay area came here to allen whitt park tonight. they gathered around this growing memorial. it's a memorial for genelle. people parade for genelle and her family and are praying for justice. ♪ amazing grace >> reporter: hundreds of people gather around a memorial for 13-year-old genelle conway allen. her foster mother cried over the tribute. just steps away from where the middle school student's body was found in allen witt park a week ago. >> i love her with all my heart. >> reporter: fighting back tears, her biological father says his daughter loved sports. their last visit was about a year ago. >> i stayed with her and the kids and crystal. for about a week. and, you know, we used to -- we played. >> reporter: great aunt rita rose says genelle was full of life. >>
in prison. >>> hundreds of people came october in fairfield last night to remember a 13-year-old girl who was murdered a week ago. this morning 32-year-old anthony jones is in jail on suspicion of murder, kidnapping, rape and lewd or lascivious acts on a child. he lived blocks from where the victim, genelle conway-allen, was last seen alive. allen wong has more from fairfield. ♪ i once was lost and now am >> hours after her -- the arrest of her killer, 300 people or more gathered here for a vigil. >> i miss her really bad. >> she was my best friend. >> police arrested 32-year-old anthony lamar jones for murder, kidnapping and rape of a child. >> jones was identified as a suspect early on in this case. since that time he has been under 24 hour surveillance. >> police scoured his two-story home in this fairfield neighborhood. they also searched the barbershop he opened in fairfield last year. genelle was last seen a week ago. she left her foster parent's home in sue suisun city for school. her body was found the next day. >> i have actually been out of her life about a year or so. >> her
in fairfield. police have just held a news conference asking for the public's help. ken bastida in mobile5 at allan witt park where her body was found. >> reporter: people continue to leave things like balloons and candles and stuffed animals here at the site where the 13- year-old's body was found last friday morning. now, the fairfield police department scheduled a news conference for this afternoon and they released a couple of photographs of the 13-year-old. they also said that the department of justice and the fbi have now joined this investigation. but they are not releasing any suspect information or the cause of death in this case. fairfield police chief says it's not time yet. >> the police department is not releasing the cause of genelle's death at this time. it is not appropriate, and the time and place will come later on. but at this point it would be hurtful to our investigation and devastating to the family for additional details to go out. so we're asking that that not be released. the time and place will come later. >> reporter: they ask
was *first uncovered right here on kron 4. >> but first tonight -- developing news out of fairfield at this hour. a young teenaged girl is found murdered in a park. i''m pam moore -- right now. kron 4's charles clifford is live at the scene --- charles what do we know? >> reporter: we found that the teenager was found deceased earlier this morning. crime scene investigators have been here all morning trying to find out what happened. according to the fairfield police department, around 6:45 friday morning, an officer was performing a security check here near allan witt park, when he was flagged down by someone who reported seeing a possible dead body. >> he responded and said the there was a young white skinned female deceased in a parking lot. >> reporter: he responded over and found a young light skined femle deceased near the parking lot. so far, very little is know about the woman. she's described as being in her teens and investigators are trying to figure out who she is. police are also handling this as a homicide investigation. the victims body was found out in the open and t
cadaver de una adolescente fue encontrado en la ciudad de fairfield... take map ---el hallazgo fue hecho temprano esta maÑana por un residente de esa ciudad en el parque allan witt, cerca a la calle texas... take 2 box ---jaime peluffo nos amplia la informacion... adelante jaime... buenas noches.. te escuchamos.. 0:01 0:09 0:26 0:29 1:01 cu - peluffo asi es, la policia llego al estacionamiento de este parque que esta a mi espalda en la calle west texas en fairfield a eso de las 6:45 de la manana. aqui hallaron el cuerpo desnudo de una adolescente de la raza blanca, bastante joven, de entre 13 y 15 anos. la policia confirmo que la joven fue asesinada pero no dio detalles aparte que la menor fue encontrada desnuda, y tirada en el estacionamiento. take sot el sargento de la policia dijo que la joven fue identificada como una adolescente que huyo de su casa en la poblacion de suisun, a un lado de fairfield, y que fue reportada como desaparecida el dia de ayer por la persona legalmente responsable de la menor. su nombre y edad exacta no fueron dados a conocer. sin duda, este es un hecho que
learned the name of the teen girl who was found naked and dead in a park in fairfield last week. kron-4's dan kerman reports on the investigation. as police continue to try to figure out who killed her. and why. this is genelle conway. family members tell us she is the 13-year old girl who's body was discovered friday morning at alan witt park in fairfield conway's step grandmother was just one of many >> issue is a very sweet and loving girl. we're very hurt by the whole thing. >> reporter: visiting the park monday to pay their respects another family member tells us, the teenage girl was strangled, but police, who've been investigating discovered the body on friday, are not yet confirming that. >> we are showing the support for her loss. >> in other family members says that her body was strangled. what they will say is that she lived with a foster familywhat they will say is the victim lived with a foster family in nearby suisun city. she boarded a school bus thursday morning and was seen in class, but never made it home thursday afternoon those who live near this park are not surprisi
. police ride id fid and released photos of a 13-year-old found murdered in fairfield. january yell conway allen found friday morning. they released this surveillance photo from when she was last seen thursday afternoon. investigators from fairfield çc.pkq been working on the case nonstop since conway-allen's body was found. they're asking anyone who may have seen this girl just before she disappeared to please, call fairfield police. >> a pittsburgh man is under arrest in a hit and run accident that sent two children and a woman to the hospital. a 24-year-old sk held on bail and investigators say delgado hit a 1-year-old boy in a stroller a 7-year-old girl on a bicycle and a 29-year-old woman about 5:45 last night. the victims crossing at the regional trail all three are out of the hospital, fortunately, today. >> fire investigators looking for the cause of a fire that damaged a residential building in south san francisco south of market area. a viewer sent thus picture of firefighters rescuing one of the residents from the upper are floor. the blaze appeared to have been started at a be
news. live in sonoma county for abc7 news. >> thank you. fairfield police could release new details in a murder of a 13-year-old girl. they holding a news conference today on the girl whose body was found friday morning in the park. police released surveillance video of her on thursday afternoon the last known photograph of her at grand circle in fairfield. her naked body was found the next morning where a memorial of candles and cards is growing. >> there could be new details in the 1948 disappearance of ten-year-old kevin collins from the haight-ashbury neighborhood. police searched a him on masonic avenue last week as we first reported, finding bone fragments in the basement and sent them to a laboratory for analysis. the announcement could center on this man, known as dan kelly. he was a "person of interest" in the case but he died five years ago. >> these bay area hospitals face fines for putting patient's health at risk not following procedures in an emergency situation. st. mary's medical center from in san francisco did not follow surgical and medical procedures. they have r
-old was seen thursday afternoon in the sassoon city area. a surveillance camera ra captured here in fairfield wear a gray sweater, blue jeans and a pink backpack. her unclothed body then found friday morning in fairfield allen wit park. police say they do have some evidence but they're not saying what it is. a police sargeant read a statement from the family. >> this has been a devastating tragedy we need to thank everyone for outpouring of support at the memorial. we're grateful for love and support. >> that is information coming uping out it's appropriate to respond to. but as everybody in this community i'm sure wants to make sure happened we want to catch the people responsible for this crime. we want to make sure we can present an appropriate case. >> police say they do not want to forget to take this opportunity to remind children it's best not to travel around town alone f you're threatened by a stranger, kick, scream, yell, do whatever you can to draw attention to yourself. also the police and family are asking the community for help in solving this case. if you think you might know s
conway alan was last seen alive. alan wang joins us now from fairfield of the alan? >> carolyn, up until tonight we barely knew who this seventh grade girl was. this vigil drew a huge crowd including friends and family who talked about her. >> ♪ i once was lost -- >> hours after the arrest of conway, more than 300 people gathered a few yards away from where her body was discovered. >> i miss her really bad. she was my best friend. >> this morning police arrested 32-year-old anthony lamar jones for murder, kidnapping and rape of a child. >> jones was identified as a suspect early on in this case. since that time he has been under 24-hour surveillance. >> police scoured his two-story home in this fairfield neighborhood. they also searched the barber shop he opened last year. janelle was last seen a week ago. she left her foster parents' home for school. her body was under to the next day. >> you know, i have been out of her life for a year. >> her father, josh alan, says he and janelle's mother had trouble with drugs and lost custody of janelle last year. in spite of their obstacles, she
and murdered at a fairfield park a week ago. today police arrested anthony lamar jones of fairfield for her murder. kron 4's philippe djegal shows us the people who gathered tonight in her honor. >> we should not be referring to her as the past tense >> issue was a brave person. >> she was a beautiful. smart. talented. >> issue was very sweet. she went through a lot. >> she was very sweet. no matter what she went through, she always found someone to laugh. >> reporter: would do think of this? >> hold your children in tow close. friends and family say more than 300 people showed up to allen witt park friday night. to pay their respects during a candlelight vigil for 13- year-old genelle conway- allen. she was murdered in the park a week ago. a make-shift memorial has been growing in the area since the day she was killed. people stopped by to light candles, say and prayer and remember the slain teen. the victim's family members say they appreciate all of the support. and, on a day when the man suspected in conway-allen's murder was arrested. those closest to conway- allen say they are at leas
found an alligator. police stopped fairfield residents in modesto for a traffic violation. police then say they discovered $250,000 worth of processed marijuana and a handgun. a search of their home in the 400 block turned up, according to police, more evidence of marijuana, seven guns including one used by military snipers, nearly $30,000 in cash and a three foot long baby alligator. by law, you need a permit to have a pet alligator. >> to our knowledge, they didn't have a permit. we called out human services to take possession of the animal. it was later turned over to the oakland zoo. that's where it is today. >> do you get the sense this was for protection or a pet? >> it's hard to tell because of its size. it is certainly interesting to have it, but i don't know what their motive was to have it. it would be dangerous if you had kids around or someone unsuspecting might encounter even a 3-foot alligator. >> in addition to the fairfield home, the officers searched two homes where they found growing marijuana plants and a home in american canyon where investigators say there
mile of vi nava to. >> we are at the freezing mark can navato. >> below the freezing mark in fairfield. >> 20 60s into the afternoon. antioch 62. mid 60s for hayward and fremont. >> daly city upper 50s. 62 downtown san francisco. >> satellite and radar shows clear conditions, dry conditions which will continue for the rest of the week and as we transition into the weekend. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights warm weather ahead of us. upper 60s into friday. temperatures getting close to the 70 degree mark. pleasant conditions as we start the next work weeks. >> we will have more details on your extended forecast in my next report. >> we do have a hot spot southbound 880 the nimitz freeway approaching west eighth street. no backups on the traffic maps. according to chp there are some delays to the area. the sig alert went into effect at 1:00 a.m. this morning. >> the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza is an easy ride out of oakland from all the approaches. >> the san mateo bridge westbound traffic across highway 92 is a good drive. 12-13 minutes drive time. >> the
investigators to garcia. >>> a vigil is planned friday in fairfield for a young murder victim. 13-year-old janelle allen was found dead in fairfield's allen whit park on friday morning. she was reported missing thursday night after she didn't come home after school. there are no suspects. >> getting away with what they done. you take a baby and dump her like she is a piece of garbage. she wasn't of the she was a human being. >> fairfield police aren't saying much about the case but may have more information later today. counselors are available for the victim's classmates at green valley middle school. >>> a week-long standoff in alabama finally over with the five-year-old hostage rescued and the suspect dead. but as teresa garcia reports, authorizes are saying little about how they pulled off a raid. >> reporter: fbi agents congratulated each other after storming a bunker to save a 5- year-old held hostage for 7 days. ethan has been reunited with his family at a local hospital and is doing well. >> he is laughing, joking, playing, eating, the things
:00. >>> this morning the man suspected of killing a 13-year- old girl in fairfield entered a plea in court. later this afternoon a funeral will be held for the young victim. tara moriarty joins us now from va venetia where e funeral will be held. >> reporter: we are here where the body will be laid to rest. you can see the scene is set her for the family, chairs up for them and the white coffin with the rod roses draped on it. we know that janel has a foster mother and biological parents, she said her daughter was a good kid and had a lot of dreams. mean while the man suspected of killing janel, a local barber, anthony lamar jones, was at the solano county courthouse this morning. the 32-year-old pleaded not guilty. cameras were not allowed hin. he made in. he made a brief appearance, his armed shackled there. he faces those charges. he was a homeless man who found her body and attended the hearing and says he wants just is to served. >> i don't think anything in life prepares for you what i saw, i don't. i don't see how the first responders, you know they face this stuff on a daily basis and a
of watering down more than just the truth. david jackson is live at a bar in fairfield. david. >> liz, this is a little like being at the company's store. that's a bar right down the street from the bid riser brewery in narfield where they sfriktly maintain there's no watering down of any of their beer going on but it now may take a lawsuit to prove that true or false. >> the multimillion dollar lawsuit is over this tiny stamp. 5% alcohol by volume but a number of current and former budweiser plant workers say the beer has less that will since become bought out in belgium. a $5 million klass action lawsuit depends tell the truth oobt water lg down their bid. >> a number of them. i'll tell you that. and i will tell you it was jijs sho worked at a number of different plants. an hiezer bush has 13 brew ris throughout the united states and we have spoken with people at a number out of those places. >> tell a tail of comp rat greed, that the watering down is corporate policy. >> learn thad, in fact, there is a comp rat policy of bush of intentionally mislabeling and watering down their --
. the next morning, her naked body was found dumped in allen witt park in fairfield. >> you take a baby and you just dump her like she's a piece of garbage. and she wasn't. she was a human being. >> reporter: the fairfield police department has sealed all information related to janell's murder. so it is still unclear who did this, how they killed her, and why. family members are planning a vigil friday evening. >>> even though they didn't bring home the lombardi trophy, the 49ers got a homecoming fit for championships. colin kaepernick waved to fans who welcomed the team home. hundreds more fans showed up at team headquarters up the road in santa clara. reporter kiet do was among them. kiet? >> reporter: some of these fans started waiting since 9:00 in the morning. that means they were happy to stand around for seven hours just to get a glimpse of the team. talk about the faithful, indeed. it's not quite a victory parade, but it will have to do for now. the buses arrived at team headquarters with more than 100 screaming fans. many play
. >>> neighbors in fairfield are reacting to a disturbing discovery at a popular park. a teenage girl's body was found near a gazebo at allen whit park but it's unclear what caused her death. allen wong has the details from fairfield. >> word of the young teenage girl found in this park brought lydia and her family. >> since we have kids of our own, just to think about what this poor girl might have gone through. >> city police say the girl in her early teens was reported missing yesterday evening around 5:30. around twelve hours later her naked body was discovered at allen whit park. that's in fairfield. police aren't sure how she died because there are no wounds. she lived there but attended school in fairfield. the girl's guardian reported her missing. >> she'd last seen in the morning getting on the bus to go to school. normally she was returned about 5:30 but she didn't so that's when they worried. >> this man said he saw something strange when he drove around the park around 5:00 a.m. >> i seen a car parked in the parking lot facing our direction and there was a large man standing in f
. reporting live in fairfield, noelle walker, ktvu news. >>> san jose police say they have rearrested a man who got away from them on wednesday by stealing an unmarked police van. they say that they took 32-year- old anthony sanchez into custody about 11:00 last night. he was sleeping inside a stolen pickup truck parked right outside a home on normington way in south san jose. >> police officers were yelling for him to get on the ground. and basically he did. he kind of resists. they had to throw them down on the ground. and then they had their guns drawn. >> reporter: sanchez has been booked on the original probation violation plus charges of auto theft, possession of narcotics, burglary and possessions of stolen property. >> reporter: san jose police are investigating a deadly fall from a downtown condominium  apartment. tanya bell fell to her death shortly before 3:00 a.m. she didn't live there and it's not known why she was on the balcony. police say that alcohol may have been involved. but at this point investigators say there are no signs of foul play. >>> at this hour, a powerful b
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